Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I wanted to update everyone on what has happened since this disaster occurred and my insurance policy was terminated by ObamaCare. When I found out that my policy had been terminated, my wife and I immediately set out to get it resolved because I was in great need of the infusion medicine.  I need that medicine every week. I had already missed one infusion and I was most certainly going to miss a second one. My wife wrote a letter to our senators here in Utah detailing what had occurred and explaining that I had signed up with a new insurance plan through healtchcare.gov, only to have them turn around and terminate my policy. This prevented me from receiving my infusion medicine. It turns out this was certainly the best course of action we could have taken. Senator Hatch’s and Senator Lee’s offices became involved and contacted the department who would be capable of resolving my situation, which turned out to be CMS, the Centers for  Medicare & Medicaid services. CMS was receiving calls every day from the senator’s offices and being told to get my problem fixed immediately. After several days of the senator’s offices bothering them, I was able to get back my insurance that I had signed up for. I was then able to get a shipment of my infusion medicine sent to me.

As it stands now I was able to get this matter resolved and receive the treatment I need to stay alive and healthy, all thanks to two senator’s offices and their assistance and efforts. The biggest fear now is just for the future. My insurance policy was terminated out of nowhere by ObamaCare and we still have yet to receive an explanation as to why it happened.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who showed caring and concern for my family and for my health and well being. The outpouring of support, concern and love from so many people was truly a blessing. The kindness of strangers and friends alike was incredibly touching, and so very much appreciated.

Brick Williams

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